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At International Autos Body Shop in West Allis, we want our valued customers to know how important it is to stay focused on the road. Driving is dangerous in the winter months because of snow and ice, which can cause impaired visibility and limited traction. We want you to make road safety your New Year’s Resolution for 2019!

International Autos Body Shop in West Allis wants to offer all of our customers a few road safety tips. First, never drive when you are distracted! Eating, texting, and talking on the phone while driving can become extremely hazardous to everyone on the road. When you are behind the wheel, it is important to stay focused on the road and your surroundings.

It is also important that you stay prepared for winter weather conditions. Always keep [...]

You Deserve the Best Results

At International Autos Body Shop in West Allis, WI, hard work, precision, and expertise is guaranteed. Only a reliable auto body specialist can provide car owners with a guaranteed custom paint match. At International Autos Body Shop in West Allis, we have access to innovative paint matching technology. We custom mix and tint colors through a computerized system in order to match your vehicle’s paint color as precisely as possible. With a little paint, some new parts, and high-quality care, our team of experts can help you bring back the beauty of your vehicle.

Our trained technicians understand the inner workings of luxury models, engines, and parts. All of our technicians are certified and possess the knowledge and training to ensure that your vehicle is repaired in a safe and [...]

It’s that time of year again…Don’t let snow or ice-related dents or bumps on your vehicle get you down. At International Autos Body Shop in West Allis, we are qualified to handle all of your winter weather-related repairs. Our team understands that Wisconsin winters can be brutal. Even the most experienced drivers can face difficulties navigating through the slush, snow, and black ice. Accidents can happen to anyone, especially in conditions where your visibility is impaired and your vehicle’s traction is not the best. Sometimes driving in the ice and snow is inevitable, putting you at a higher risk for an accident, bump, or dent to occur.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your vehiclehas been damaged and you are in need of a trustworthy repair shop to get youback on the [...]

Trust International Autos with your Luxury Vehicle

International Autos Body Shop in West Allis

Consistently providing exceptional collision repair and bodywork for each and every single one of our customers.

Your luxury vehicle deserves only the best. International Autos Body Shop in West Allis understands that luxury vehicles are investments, and we guarantee to treat your vehicle with both care and precision.

At the International Autos Body Shop, we only use high-quality equipment and manufacturer parts. Repairs are only performed by our factory trained and certified auto body technicians. Car accidents are never expected, but unfortunately, accidents happen to almost all drivers and vehicle owners at some point in their lives. If you were recently involved in a collision, our hard-working staff will assist you in beginning the repair process. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.

For your convenience, we work directly with your insurance company [...]

We Strive to Provide the Best Customer Service Possible

International Autos Body Shop in West Allis

At International Autos Body Shop, located conveniently near the heart of the Metro Milwaukee area, we promise to treat your luxury vehicle with specialized care.  We are up for the task of handling any and all of your repair needs. Whether it’s a fender bender, a major accident, or an old model in desperate need of a restoration, our trained expert technicians will get the job done every single time.

At International Autos Body Shop, we only use certified equipment and manufacturer parts. Our industry-leading custom mix and tint computerized paint system guarantee an accurate paint match to your vehicle.  Our expert full-frame and unibody equipment are designed so that we can return your vehicle back to you looking as good as new. When you choose International Autos Body Shop in West Allis, you are [...]

Finding a Repair Shop When You’re Short on Time

International Autos Body Shop Offers Some Guidance

Vehicle collisions are spur of the moment and unplanned, but sometimes after an accident, a decision needs to be made and repairs need to begin rapidly. For your convenience, International Autos Body Shop in West Allis wants to offer some general advice to follow if you ever need to find a reputable body shop quickly. We hope to help guide your decision if you’re short on time.

Our first piece of advice is to find a shop that works with your insurance provider in order to make the process less stressful. At International Autos Body Shop, we do our best to work with almost all insurance companies and agents.

Next, we recommend you only do business with certified professionals. If you don’t want to lose out on money or end up with low quality work, [...]

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